Tri Hard for Orphans and Water

I need to raise $4000 just to go on this trip. I want to raise way more than that so there are funds that we can give directly in support of our work while we are on the ground in Africa with the beautiful men, women and children of Ethiopia and Uganda. This is one way YOU can help.


Last year, with your help, over $5000 was raised in the Triathlon-a-thon for Korah. My tiny goal was $1,200 – shows what I know.

I made it to the end!

This year, I’m asking for your help to raise $6000 for this trip.  I’m going to sacrifice my body (ha – not much of a sacrifice, eh?) again to make this happen, but this year I’ve got another victim awesome friend who is going to raise the stakes and join me in the effort. Jonathan Newcomb and I are going to run the inaugural Tri-Adventure Summer Sprint Triathlon in Christiansburg, VA.  And since we are doubling the fun this year, there are two ways for you to join in.  The race is June 26, 2011 so there’s not much time left to get involved.

#1 Donate for a chance to win the Tri Hard for Orphans and Water (TH4OW) Mega Prize Pack

Thanks to the generosity of The Mama Sheep Shop, The Minus 1 Project, Roger and Kari GibsonCherrie and Baby Juddah, Dude Perfect and Gobena Coffee, we have assembled an unbelievable prize pack that YOU have a chance to win:

TH4OW Mega Prize Pack

How do I win this package of awesomeness? Simple… You just need to guess the total combined time for Jonathan and I to both complete the race.  For example, say I finish the race in 1 hr 45 min and 10 secs, and Jonathan finishes in 1 hr 30 min 15 secs (he ran long distance in high school, I threw the shot put, k?) the winner would be whoever guessed the closest to 3 hr 15 min 25 secs. It’s that easy. Your donation = chance to win. Plus, we are giving you opportunities for multiple entries/guesses:

$10 donation = 1 entry
$15 donation = 2 entries
$20 donation = 3 entries
Additional $5 donations after $20 = 1 additional entry each

Just click the “Donate” button under TH4OW to the right, enter the dollar amount of your donation corresponding to the total # of guesses you want to make and in the comments box enter your guess(es). Payments are collected using the uber-secure PayPal site by credit card or you existing PayPal account. We’ll announce the winner right here after the race! Get your Christmas shopping done in June and support our trip at the same time.

#2 Sponsor a Triathlete

This is similar to what we did last year, except the distances are doubled because there’s two of us participating:
Swim = 400m = .40 km

+ Bike = 20 km
+ Run = 5 km
TOTAL = 25.4 km per triathlete or 50.8 for the team

So, a donation of $1 per km would $50.80.  Easy, right?  Here are some others:

$ / KM = Total Donation

1 penny = $0.51
1 nickel = $2.54
1 dime = $5.08
1 quarter = $12.70
fifty cents = $25.40
$1 = $50.80
$2 = $101.60
$5 = $254.00
$10 = $508.00
$20 = $1,016.00
$50 = $2,540.00

Of course, I’ll gladly welcome anyone who wants to round up or donate other amounts. I’d love to have kids participate and donate as well – no amount is too small!  $1.00 can buy bread for a child for 2 weeks.  $5 can buy enough clean drinking water for a mother for a several days.  $10 can buy enough formula for an infant for a month. $3 can feed one child a super-charged highly nutritious breakfast every day for a month!

Contributions for “Sponsor a Triathlete” are tax-deductible and you’ll get an IRS-friendly receipt by email.  Go to:
Under “Gift Designation” select this trip: July 31 – Aug 14, 2011 Ethiopia/Uganda – Man Up – Dig Deep – Dude Perfect Trip
Where it asks “Would you like to designate this donation to a specific team member?” select Yes and enter my name, Patrick Hilt
Awesome.  Thanks.

Check back to this blog for updates about our progress toward the goal.  Don’t forget – the race is June 26, 2011, so don’t wait!


One response to “Tri Hard for Orphans and Water

  1. Lauren Colliver

    June 25, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    Hmmm…..I’m really bad at guessing things. But here is a wild shot:
    2 hours 15 min
    3 hours 10 min
    4 hours 5 min


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